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New Release: Xjob 3.1.7

Xjob is a visual scripting and scheduling application for transferring and processing data. Xjob was designed to offer professionals the ability to automate complex tasks with the simplicity of a point and click interface.

New Features include triggering services within a job, assigning jobs to categories, and more intuitive job editing.

Common Uses for Xjob:

  • Schedule and run unattended operation and batch processes
  • Automate file transfers
  • Process or decrypt files
  • Process Email orders
  • Retrieve or update information on the Internet
  • Collect data from clients
  • Update inventory with supply chains for B2B commerce

And much more...

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Benefits of Xjob:

Save time and effort
Xjob's visual workspace helps you create and edit complex jobs easily.

Reduce errors
Xjob's process verification avoids the loss of your valuable data.

Increase productivity
Automating repetitive daily tasks allows your staff to focus on development rather than maintenance.

Simplify maintenance
Keep all your automated processes in one location. View statistics and control jobs through web interface.

Xjob in Action:

Omaha Steaks
Omaha Steaks is one of the leading meat and food distributors, and a user of Xjob since 1998. More...